May 1st - May 22nd 2011
CCS Galleries, Bard College

A “double session” is not a bracket or an opposition. The exhibition as a session is rather, and simply, a temporal space of production that is intensified, doubled. Beyond the pairing of projects and the production of discourse, the double session insists on the task of analyzing the gap between iteration and repetition, or the experience of social practice and the art discourse that frames it.

Mary Walling Blackburn’s project, Library for (the land of fuck), is a parasitic library. Its collection investigates the twinning of utopia and dystopia. A series of performative events are planned that extend the library’s logic: the embodiment of sound as the process of considering impossibility, the impossibility of both utopia and dystopia as well as their relationship to one another.

In This Hello America . . .engages both the physical and social architecture of Bard College by re-envisioning the cultural space produced by Sasson Soffer’s public art sculpture Hello America (1980), located near the campus center. Douglas Paulson will be joined by Christopher Robbins, Ward Shelley, Kerry Downey, Rancourt/Yatsuk, and Christopher Domenick, among others in constructing a live/work project space inside and around the existing artwork - a collaborative platform for both production and reflection.

Double Session is curated by Natasha Marie Llorens as part of the requirements for the master of arts degree in curatorial studies at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard college.