Danyel Ferrari and Rachel Higgins, Others Will Surely Follow, 2014, with Nica Ross. Photo Credit: NML

"Fail, Fail Better!"
Curatorial lecture on Failing to Levitate

Monday August 25th 2014
e-flux, 311 East Broadway, New York

NML was invited to take part in last evening of the 2014 Summer Mondays series, which was based on the notion of failure—on lame ducks, bungles, flashes in the pan, and lead balloons—and discussed its nature through ideas, exhibitions, and theories. Other speakers included Tyler Coburn and Nuno da Luz.

The experimental lecture centered on Failing to Levitate, a recent project co-curated with Kerry Downey at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space. From the press release of the exhibition, a line written that describes this talk's intention: "Failure here is not an end—it is a space that opens up after an idea or an experience has exhausted itself, after balloons deflate and the smoke clears. In this space, together, we hover in not knowing and struggling to listen."

This was an exercise in speaking in circles about failure, but also about a moment in the larger project that I personally found quite important, in a quiet way --- the early evening Nica Ross, Danyel Ferrari, Rachel Higgins and I took the "cart" out to Times Square so that Ross could screen live-projection there after night-fall. This will an experiment and something of a risk. How can we speak about things we have done with others without closing their meaning? I am not sure.

Video documentation of the talk available here, timestamp 4:00 - 34:00.