Vice News advertisement at 120th street and Broadway, July 2014. Photo: NML.

THE PHOTOGRAPH (ethics of)
Spring 2014
The Cooper Union

The primary aim of this course was to accompany students as they wrote their first, fully-researched, long-form term paper. Much of the class was devoted to nuts and bolts exercises designed to introduce the basics of visual analysis in writing, historical sketching, the formulation of a viable research question, bibliography construction, drafting and revision strategies, etc. We did a lot of work in groups, and a lot of peer-learning activities aimed at fostering good writing practices.

The ulterior aim of The Photograph was to grapple with photography’s ambiguous claim to represent truth and the ethics of this claim. We did not survey current literature, but rather conducted an in-depth, close reading of four major thinkers from the 20th and 21st Centuries: Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes, Judith Butler, and Ariella Azoulay. We also read two keys works of contemporary speculative fiction by Neal Stephenson and William Gibson, which provided a narrative ground to test these theoretical models against.

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