Syntagma installation, April 2016. Photo: Diana Bartlett and Elle McGrath
Marley Freeman, Untitled, 2015. Photo: Diana Bartlett and Elle McGrath

Spring 2016
Eugene Lang / The New School

“Syntagma” was the fourth version of curatorial practicum I taught at Eugene Lang between 2014 and 2016. I re-invented the structure for this course in its final iteration, moving away from a collection show with work from the New School Collection, and instead proposed a research seminar in line with an on-going curatorial project of mine centered on contemporary painting.

Framing questions included: What does a curator need to know to think about engaged, critical painting (both figurative and abstract) being made today? What do they need to know about the gallery system as a ground for painting, and what are the alternatives to this ground? How to read the art-history of painting away from a genealogy of mastery without collapsing the referential landscape so important to contemporary painters? What kinds of decisions are open to a curator who wants complicate reductive, purely formal encounters with painting? How can studio visits, curatorial writing, wall-labels, printed materials, and public programming by used to expand the context for (and the time spent with) this work?

As this was a practicum course, the semester divided between readings and class discussion, site visits to galleries and museums in New York City, and the hands-on work of putting together an exhibition of New-York based contemporary painters. The syllabus tried to balance between art history and criticism, analyses of painting's framing conventions, and relevant curatorial theory.

The artists for the final exhibition were chosen at the outset: Wilder Alison, Aurora Andrews, Marissa Bluestone, Al Freeman, Marley Freeman, Sophy Naess, Anibal Padrino and Jonathan Van Dyke agreed to participate at my invitation. Each artist was paired with a team of students for the entire semester. This team conducted an initial studio visit, presented their artist's work to the class, selected work for the class exhibition, wrote a text on the artists' work, submitted a wall-label about their artist's work, and participated in installation and de-installation of ‘their’ work.

All this work is archived on the class project website, and a full catalogue written and produced by students is available here.

If you find this list useful, get in touch and tell me what you would edit or found lacking: natashallorens [at] gmail

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